About ClayFingers Pottery

Pottery is an art that has evolved since time immemorial. The origins of pottery date back to the Neolithic Era; however in India it began with the Indus Valley Civilization and was developed as a response to the needs of mankind.

Over the years, pottery has transcended its functional aspects to make a place for itself as an aesthetic tool, something that brings joy and satisfaction to everyone. Every piece, today, is a work of art which can be used as an accessory to decorate space or a centre piece that defines space.

Firing up this tradition is Clayfingers Pottery, a passionate and committed team of skilled and innovative artists working together with the aim of reviving a forgotten art form in India.

Located in what was once a traditional 1950’s brick and tile factory, this studio space is where many contemporary potters, artists, technicians and enthusiasts unite together to create and mould earth back to life. Clayfingers pottery studio is located in Kerala State,India. Which can be reached by road in about 45 minutes from the Cochin International Airport.

We are a team of Artists working together from this multidisciplinary pottery studio which has approximatelety 15,000 sq ft of Studio space.

Pottery, for us, is a very rewarding experience in both a creative and spiritual sense. To take a lump of clay into our hands and give it a form, which in turn gives it life is a great accomplishment. Working with clay allows us to express our emotions, experiences and creativity.

We are determined to push the boundaries of clay as well as people’s perceptions towards this material & surprise you with the quality & style in which earth can be recreated .
The quality of our work will always be distinctive, and will form a bridge between the functional and aesthetic, giving meaning to the phrase ‘useful things should be beautiful and beautiful things should be used’.

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