Clayfingers invites artists both National and International to work in the context of a different location and culture.
The Artist in Residence Programme provides artists with the space to create new works, research and experiment. Artists are encouraged to explore all our facilities to open up new possibilities and directions for the contemporary ceramics. The program is open to all artists who wish to work independently on their own projects. Artists may use the residency to accomplish a specific project or to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere. There will be plenty of opportunities to interact with other artists as well as local arts professionals and students. As Clayfingers is located in a rural neighborhood there is plenty to interact and see as well as enough space to be quiet and reflective.

Participants are expected to cover the costs of accommodation and studio whilst we provide all the necessary support to make your time here fruitful and enjoyable. Excellent facilities, equipment and studio spaces are available

Works created during the residency.
One work from the residency will be as part of the permanent collection of Clayfingers. All the works created during the residency are the property of the artist. All work created over the course of the residency may be shipped to the artist at their own expense. Work left for sale with the 'The Studio Pottery' shop shall become the property of The Clayfingers or will be returned to the artist at their expense after one year. The Clay Studio retains 50% of any works it sells for guest artists. Shipping arrangements must be made prior to the end of the residency.

Deadline: Rolling applications
Duration: Mutually agreed by the artist and CAIR
Application Process:Please send us your Letter of intention (duration, nature of work intended during the residency, possibility to give workshops etc) resume, contact and portfolio details.

Clayfingers invites application for its internship program. In exchange for the work at Clayfingers intern artists have access to studio facilities and experience of working with an artists community. The interns are required to check with the studio manager for material usage and firing for self-projects. Participants are required to have some experience in working with ceramics while applying for internship.

Application process:Please send us a letter of intention along with a detailed resume, contact and portfolio details.

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